Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fainting Cured

Assessment came in another form this time.  I have been training and doing manual therapy with a young girl for Volleyball.  I got a call that she wouldn't be in because she had fainted at school and they were going to take her to the doctor and run some tests to find out the cause.  Fast forward several weeks later, she returns with no diagnosis.  I started asking questions about her eating habits which lead to a hypoglycemia possibility.  One week later and more protien to begin the day and eating more often, she is symptom free and excited to get back on track with her training.

Sad that we have lost sight of the most obvious with young kids and their eating.  Or should I say non-eating.  A simple conversation before all the expensive tests or at least the conversation with the expensive tests might have served this girl differently. 

Happy Ending-Assess (ask questions) Don't Guess (keep asking questions)

Nutrition the lost art!

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