Saturday, January 21, 2012

Anterior Rotation and Assessment

I just worked on a PGA golf professional which has been experiencing back pain for the past year.  He has been seen by chiropractors, physical therapist, and massage therapists.  It still amazes me when he tells me they didn't assess all the motions that the back can do.  Why?  Isn't it logical to first look at all the motions the spine makes before treating?  Anyway, after watching him forward flex, backbend, rotate and side bend.  It was obvious that there was a problem at his transition point on the right hand side.  On his finish (extreme rotation) he hurts at the very end of the movement (bone), on side bending he hurt at the very end of the movement (bone).  A trigger point doesn't do this and think this is a chronic positional problem.  Psoas was hypertonic on the right, right QL hypertonic with the same point on the other side equally as tight and hypertonic.  Now think this through, psoas when tight can flex and side bend him right, when QL is tight it side bends and rotates the vertebra it is attached to.  So long story short, I had him evaluated by another Chiropractor to confirm what I felt the muscular structure was doing and she concurred with me without a doubt.    There is much more to tell about this and how he will be treated to correct this, but for now I just want to make a point. 

The point:  Assess don't guess.