Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Latissimus Dorsi

I couldn't believe the difference I made in such a short period of time in shoulder flexion and external rotation.  Recently I had a young man that I worked on at the FCA.  We tested him before getting on the table and on the table both his Lat test and GH joint were positive for lack of ROM and hypertonicity.  He was unable to lay his arm flat to the table by about 30 degrees and the same with external rotation.  I turned him into a side posture did pin and stretch to the lat and movement therapy.  I used the manual cup on his infraspinatus and teres and some more on the Lat.  Within five minutes we retested and the arm could now comfortably lay down to the table and he about a 10 degree deficit left of external rotation.  We finished the last 10 degrees with muscle energy.  He got off the table and had full function in both flexion and external rotation.  He said he had been having trouble for about a year.  Lesson learned, the more you understand which muscles are involved the quicker and better result you will get.