Sunday, May 9, 2010

Something Special About Mother's Day

There was something so special this Sat. about the day before Mother's Day. We had 8 ladies join us for a Day of Beauty, a family that well deserved some pampering. That is not so unusual so why read on. Because there was one special lady which proved the power of touch. I needed my receptionist to translate for me, she only spoke Spanish. In this particular event I was needed as a facialist. I asked my receptionist to join me as I introduced this mother to her facial. She looked to be in her early 70's. Her and I would only be able to communicate with touch. I began to explain what was going to take place and my receptionist translated. She told me she suffered from vertigo and needed extra pillows and time to sit up. Her smile lit me up, her tiredness, her gentleness, all told me how much her life had been up to this point. Being pampered was not very familiar. The translation began to make her very comfortable with me and the trust began. I can't tell you how much this one experience can do for you if you look deep inside yourself as a therapist and really know what it is you are sent here to do. You are sent here to touch peoples lives, to understand a deeper part of yourself. What greater gift than that. We proceeded with no language and at the end we looked into each others eyes knowing that something special had just occurred. Not really knowing how to end the session, I said gracias, she told me oh no gracias to you, mucho experiencia, oh your hands, gracias, gracias. I hope you get the depth of this, there is not a larger thanks than to touch anothers soul. Without words, you can achieve so much.

Happy Mothers day..

Debbie Roberts